Shocker !! Tania Omotayo Gets Request From Man Who Wants ‘Half-Caste’ Kids

Tania Omotayo

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Nigerian Singer Wizkid’s “past Love” – Tania Omotayo works so hard to lead a low profile life since her bitter

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separation from Wizkid, but when the model received an awkward note from a male fan who wants children with her because of her race, she didn’t hesitate to share it.


The unidentified man, most possibly a Nigerian, said she is the only ‘white lady’ around his area, and since he wants mix-race children, he thought it was wise to approach her with the grand plan, LOL.

“I want half-caste kids and you are just about the only white lady I know of that can give them,” said the determined man. “I promise to take care of you and the kids. Be a good father to the kids and loving husband to you forever.”

“I promise you everything good.”


Tania Omotayo and Wizkid were a favourite item but they finally split up in 2016 following his endless scandals with babymama drama.

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Tania was often ridiculed with bunch of Internet jokes each time the singer’s messy affairs surface on social media, the last strw being when Binta Diamond surfaced with the singer’s son.

Tania ended the relationship, unfollowed him on all social media platforms, dismissed the report that she was pregnant with his child and ignored him when he declared her “his best friend”.

Now, she is leading a low profile life and folks still won’t let her be. In her caption, Omotayo who is kind enough not to publish the man’s details, said, “I am actually crying and laughing.”

Tania Omotayo

What would you do if you were Tania?

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