REVEALED: 7 Reasons You Pee Frequently In The Middle Of The Night (A MUST READ)

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Are you the type that gets up and rushes to the washroom several times in the night?

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This is not something you should ignore as it could be an underlying symptom of a serious problem that you need to attend to.
Here is some common reason why you have frequent urination in the night.
“You have water retention in your lower body, if you have edema and your feet are swollen, the fluid retention in your lower body can make you want to pee when you are lying down and if you feel you have fluid retention in your lower body, elevate your legs a couple of hours before going to bed to help the fluid in your bottom half move upwards”.
“You drink caffeine or alcohol just before bedtime, these can increase your output of urine, so if you are someone who cannot do without that cup of coffee before bedtime, you are calling trouble for yourself, so don’t consume any caffeine after 6 pm and get done with drinking that glass of wine at least 3 hours before your bedtime”.
“You drink too much water before bed, drinking too much water before bed can make you hit the bathroom several times in the night, the water can disrupt your sleep so make sure that you are done with drinking water at least two hours before you sleep”.
“You have urinary tract infection which can be accompanied by frequent urination, discomfort and pain, while less common in men, urinary tract infection can also make men rush to the bathroom several times in a day”.
“You have diabetes, if you are a prediabetic or diabetic your body may increase the production of urine to clear off the excess sugar from your body, so if you are waking up to pee several times in the night, be sure to get your blood sugar levels tested”.
“You have an STD, s3xually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea and chlamydia can cause frequent urination which in turn may disrupt your sleep in the night and a burning sensation while you urinate could also be a warning sign that you have developed an STD”.
“Your pelvic floor muscles are weak, as a result of age and more commonly childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles can weaken, and you can slip into a position where you might feel pressure on it which in turn can make you want to pee all the time, perform Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles”.


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