Photos: Weird Looking Animal Found Inside A Student Hostel In Ekpoma, Edo State

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According to facebook user Oboh Clement Okhaisimafeh this Weird looking animal was found dead inside a student hostel in Ekpoma, Edo State

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This animal was found dead in front of my sister’s room in school today …they were saying it’s rabbit, some said it’s cat… brother this is BUSH BABY. it’s a spiritual animal …you can check pictures of bush baby on Google and you will see it’s thesame animal. It’s walks like human too

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It’s so supprising … be say bushes dey the area oooo….sometimes when I sleep her house , na so I go dey hear something moving inside the compound, like a theif …it was just recently we knew it’s an animal…am sure it’s the father of this dead one

You know the problem with youths of nowadays , they think this life is just like that, you guys don’t know other forces controls things here on earth too ….that’s why if you tell so many of them now that they have spiritual problems, they will argue from now till tomorrow…an old man once told my frnd not to pluc his orrange and the guy went ahead and said nothing will happen…now that guy is mad …am not a chief priests. But I know things happens. If you don’t know or don’t beliv doesn’t mean it’s a lie.. #WATIN ALL THESE CHILDREN KNOW SEF

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