v*@g*ina facts: 6 mind-blowing things you probably didn’t know about her cli**ris

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When women get sexually aroused, they get an erection just like men. The cli**ris stiffens and grows bigger as the blood rushes to that area. And while 30% of women have trouble reaching climax, clitoral stimulation improves her chance of reaching climax by up to 75%, according to research.
Scientists also recently discovered a “golden trio” of moves that are “guaranteed” to make her an climax every time. The three moves include deep kissing, intimate clitoral stimulation and oral s*x.

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Hopefully you already know that the cli**ris is key when it comes to good s*x, but here are six surprising facts you probably didn’t know.
1. Her clit might be bigger than your man-hood
This fact isn’t designed to make you feel inadequate about your man-hood size – it could actually be true. While the average man-hood size in the UK is 5.2 inches, the average cli**ris is 6 inches.
However, you can only see a tiny proportion of it because most of it extends up inside her body.
2. It’s way more sensitive than your scaling
A cli**ris contains 8,000 nerve endings, double that of a man-hood. The nerves are also more concentrated, meaning she experiences more intense pleasure.
This is why women have an almost unlimited orgasmic potential and can even experience super orgasms – up to 100 climax in a row.

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