A MUST READ FOR ALL LADIES: Why Your Vag!na Itches Before Your Period And How To Treat It

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“You know the drill as a woman, it’s the week before you’re supposed to get your period for some it happens about three days prior to their period, and suddenly your vag!na is screaming “red alert,” itching like crazy”.
“Vag!nal itching before period and, in fact, any other time throughout your menstrual cycle is not only incredibly frustrating and sore after a while, but also very embarrassing, it’s hard work trying to soothe that irritation when you’re in a public place, normally, itching of the vag!na isn’t something you need to be overly worried about and can be part of your natural menstrual cycle as the levels of hormones change”.
Sometimes, however, it can be a sign of something a little more sinister, here are some reasons why you experience vag!na itching before period.
S3xually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea, genital warts, herpes, chlamydia and trichomoniasis
Hormonal changes

Thrush or a yeast infection

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Bacterial vaginosis
How to treat vag!nal itching before period
“Natural yoghurt is great when used directly from the fridge so that the ice cold temperature provides immediate relief, the natural compounds and bacteria found in the yoghurt will also help to counteract the bacteria founding a yeast infection too, soothing symptoms and helping to fight the infection at the same time, you can use natural yogurt directly on the affected areas. You can also soak a tampon in natural yoghurt before inserting into the body”.
“Changing your clothing is a great idea if you keep experiencing vag!nal itching and you should also look at changing your laundry detergent and fabric softener which are often the biggest culprits”.
“Keeping the area clean is important but over cleaning your vagina is just as bad as overzealous cleaning, when you clean too muc or use highly perfumed cleansing products, you will be disrupting your own body’s pH levels and this can cause BV and thrush”.
“An ice pack can be used for when you need immediate relief from the burning, irritating feeling and drinking plenty of water can help to flush any infections through the body quickly, eating lots of good, natural foods is a great idea too, particularly looking at probiotics and natural bacteria-boosting foods”.

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